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A world with different energies for life To serve you, Alooni Home Appliances Industrial Group has gathered valuable experiences. Experiences for production in a truly global sense. To achieve this goal, we have a different way. We are confident that the path will continue to grow stronger with your presence.

In the hope of globalization.


There’s nothing like the touch of Alooni. Browse in person at a Alooni Kitchen Theater to truly discover how Alooni can bring connected, modern luxury to your home.


Check out all of the latest information on Alooni products, events and inspiring stories.Quality products that have been designed and produced for years.

View distinct Alooni designs that seamlessly integrate into any space

To serve you, Alooni homewares industrial group has brought together valuable experiences. Experiments for production in a real global sense. To reach this goal, there is a different way in front of us. We are sure that the path will continue with your presence.


From the beginning, Alooni started selling to the markets of Algeria, Jordan, Oman and Kuwait through the Dubai office, with the approach of developing in international markets. In the following years, by investing in the production of product molds designed by the Alooni product design and development center, we started exporting to the most prominent countries of the first world and developed countries by registering 38 patents from China. The process that finally ended with the pride of manufacturing in China and selling to the domestic markets of China.

Alooni, life energy

Q.C. & Warrantee Servies

In Alooni, one of the most basic processes, quality control begins. Strict protocols, which are started from the smallest things with the aim of producing with the highest quality, and continue with care during the long production process. With confidence in the high quality of our products, we cover 12 years of original parts warranty.
Our trained team all over Iran are our powerful arm for the implementation of matters related to the affairs of customers. Alooni and Aloon services are at your side with pride to answer you.

Free Scheduled Delivery

Next day or choose your delivery day.

2 Year Warranty

Available on selected products3

Flexible Finance

Spread the cost and pay your way.2


Building energy in your life is our most important goal. In order to provide the best, we do not stop moving and making fundamental changes in order to update design and production trends based on the latest available technologies. Being by your side with quality products is one of the most important honors of Alooni Group. Stay with us.

If you need to receive after-sales service, our extensive and trained network is at your service throughout the country.

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